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How Does Your Current Email Marketing Compare?

There are numerous variations of Email Marketing, but really few currently working methods. Many organizations send out emails using common email applications (such as Windows Live Mail/Outlook Express) with a page from there website included with boring text. How many if any, are even tracked? How does the message look on Gmail mail, Hotmail, or AOL? These are tests that should be performed internally to see if you have an effective system or a poor system. Chances are the look and feel of a non-compliant message will not likely be carried over to inbox's (blocked as spam), by the various email systems, thus wasting your time and advertising budget allocation, with a poor ROI. Why not consider this free email consulting advice?

Yolina Simms, Marketing Officer, Ford Term m/a Div. USA

Before we started using your email services, we never had a response but from a few of them, so we did assume our customers were receiving and opening our email messages. It turns out, we never heard from a lot more of them, because they couldn't even view our message (Our emails were blocked by Gmail, Hotmail, Livemail, etc.), and some were not even opened! With the Chicago Ad Agency, this problem was quickly resolved and even used our own Opt-In lists.