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Bulk Email Development Facts

The Evolution of emailBulk Email Marketing Proves Fast-Cheaper-Enviromentally Friendly When Compared To Traditional Methods:
Statistics as provided by, the average cost per Opt-in email message is $.20c compared to $.75c-$2 for direct mail and $1-$3 for telemarketing, even back in 2003,(costs depend on campaign specifications, volume with traditional methods etc.).

Speed is measured not only on delivery, but also on response. Bulk email marketing boasts an 80% return within 48 hours, compared to six to eight weeks compared to most traditional marketing methods.

While the cost in 2014, on the direct mail and telemarketing options, have more than doubled in price. Bulk Email Marketing has actually went down to only $.05c for a clients Opt-in list.

An even more remarkable fact to consider, using our Opt-in lists, cost is only $.005c each and that's with a minimum order of only 10,000 emails.

Research has shown that response rates average 1-3% for bulk email marketing vs.only .005-1% for direct mail marketing. These facts make choice obvious.

The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:
"Email Benchmarks: Key Metrics and Trends for 2013"

History of bulk email 2011 to 2013Nearly one in three emails sent in North America during Q1 2013 were opened - the highest number in recent history. Benchmark data and interviews with nearly a dozen industry professionals uncovered multiple factors affecting email marketing performance. Most notable were the continued effects of mobile device adoption and the use of marketing automation to send more targeted emails.

As mobile continues to steal greater open rate share from the desktop, it's affecting measures such as open rate, click through rate (CTR) and best day to mail. However, data suggests mobile might not yet have as strong of an influence on business-to-business (B2B) emails, considering the majority of business-related communications continue to be opened on the desktop.

Companies are using marketing automation to drive greater email engagement via triggered messaging. And marketers that are feeding these automation platforms with consumer data and responsive design to create more personalized, targeted communications are seeing even greater gain.

Bulk email Marketing Helps Increase Sales:
From surveys by the Direct Marketing Association of approximately 700 companies, two-thirds of the companies surveyed said their sales increased in 2013 as a result of bulk email marketing. With a 62 percent increase from the previous year, medium sized companies experienced the best results. Large companies reported a 46.4 percent increase and small companies said sales rose 41.7 percent due to email promotions. Other results of the survey found that bulk email marketing proves to be an excellent customer retention tool
for repeat sales in the form of new product release newsletters.

Bulk email Marketing is Effective for Brand Recognition:
According to market research since an email is read, by a potential customer, product or service brand recognition can be presented with colorful logos, that even if not purchased then, has a unique lasting impression. Later, while viewing the logo somewhere else, it reminds them of the text, they previously read, describing the product-service features, hence becoming quite familiar, at every point of sale.
It increases even more with, click through to the product or service website, order landing pages.

Bulk Email Marketing is Replacing Many Traditional Methods:

Email marketing spending will grow to 20.6 billion by 2020 and the number of marketing emails has become 400% more than the volume of direct mail forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service in 2013. Bulk email marketing is now a very popular medium for any type of company and virtually any type of purpose, (marketing, customer retention, internal company announcements, newsletters etc.)