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Our Services Integrate With Your Secure Lists

The Evolution of emailOur methods are designed to integrate smoothly with all our client Emailing security goals.
With our innovative and powerful permission based Email marketing services we can ensure relevant, timely and consistent messaging. We give marketing and communications professionals sophisticated Email marketing technology that provides increased control over campaign processes and seamless integration with existing systems and databases. High-Impact, measurable, cost effective with easy use are always provided. We stand out as an ideal solution for acquisition campaigns, promotions, Ebills, surveys, newsletters, invitations, Ecommerce, automated receipts, sales presentations, training videos, customer service messages and even more. Let us provide a working Email solution, for all your needs, at a lower cost, than poor performing typical in house methods.

Coordinate and Control Multiple Groups
Enable multiple groups to work together easily, while retaining content and branding control delivering high-impact, highly relevant messages
Customers receive timely, relevant messages that stand out from other Emails
Understand Customer Interests
Analyze and profile recipient behavior
Extract important data to shape business decisions and marketing efforts
Avoid Expensive Resources
Nearly every technical task of sending campaigns is automated allowing marketers to focus on customers and content
Easy Implementation and Integration
Seamless integration of Email marketing into existing CRM systems and customer contact databases.

Since we can provide the platform for Clients to directly Email through. We do not require your, private and left totally secure, customer Email lists.

A Few Product Features:

__HTML import

__Link customization

__AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, ATT etc. optimization

__Text only alternatives

__MS word import

__Click through capabilities


__File attachments

__Personalization if desired

__Scheduled and automated mailings

__Opt-out, opt-in, unsubscribe

__Global message settings


__Https support

__List Management

__List import

__List purge

__List export

__Opt-in management

__List queries

__Opt-out management

__List merge

__Custom Opt-in and edit profile forms

__Real-time tracking metrics

__Compare results across mailings

__Detailed reporting data

__Results based list creation

__Comprehensive tracking across campaign

__Wide range of event triggers

__Support mailings to lists and queries

__Ability to edit mailings after campaign starts

__Opt-in and Opt-out control across campaigns

__Existing software integration

__Full customer service and support

__Organization administration

__Send Optimization

__Bounce detection

__Global Content Distribution Network

__Message Composition

__Organization administration