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If you visit, any other bulk email internet site, they make you learn all there website junk software, do all the Ad copy and emailing work yourself. This includes SPF's, DKIM's, rotating IP's, unsubscribe's, URL, blacklisting, clean html Ad copy etc. You end up paying them, just to use there server. What is there service? We cover all email expert specialties for you! We provide real service, not just a website and even use our URL's thus preventing yours, from ever being accused of spam.

Our clients do not want to spend 200 hours plus, learning how to run someone else's website software, with all its glitches and problems, they just want to advertise there own website or product right now and make sales. They really want a proven Ad agency to help provide quality, effective Ad copy and email marketing ideas, for them along with the server. Who wants to waste budget Ad funds on learning software rather than actual email advertising?

Chicago BizGroup is a diversified Advertising Agency providing quality in service. It offers detailed advertising copy expertise, not another junior programmer, jungled up, user unfriendly website. Currently we only provide bulk email services in English.

If you already have a good pulling bulk email Ad, or really want to get going, do purchase

a larger quantity of bulk email recipients, at a quantity discount of course, from our

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After purchasing a minimum $30 option, we only require the email of your marketing manager, the link(s) to Ad image(s) desired for use and your landing page link. Your assigned expert will help you determine all viability and email requirements. Since we have full Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop etc. capability of modification, don't worry about pixel size or anything like that. We really only need know your product or service etc., along with anything really unique about it, to get our think tank going.

No, we do not use worn out "me to" templates, but create unique advertising methodology, for each individual client. Even if multi clients (very rare) are selling the exact product/service there Ads are all unique with us.

We refuse to email scams, pornography, illegal items or get rich cons, but instead, provide you with an immediate refund.

Of course, we do not consider product, service or website email advertisements as scams, just an affordable marketing method.

We will email advertise for normal store products, websites, etc. by providing quality Ads, not tacky, which intelligent buyers are more likely to purchase, from our, or clients provided, subscriber lists. Unless you feel your existing list is for newsletters or something similar, most of our clients prefer we use our targeted subscribers, for totally new customer sales. If provided, your list will be held in strict confidence by us, especially since we already have over 15 million subscribers, hence have no desire to use it for anyone but you and thereby retain as a permanent client.

What if the image is blocked by the recipients ISP's or spam word detecting software? You can also suggest the text copy to use for your Ad. We run our own spam filter software that cleans up the text to pass most spam filters. It detects obvious blocked spam emails with text or title words like "Free", "Order Now", "New" etc. ( Spam detecting software is now used today, by all free email recipient account providers including, gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail etc. ) We will edit or recreate your Ads text/title copy, to likely avoid this trap and get your emails to the inboxes.

We suggest, any spam Ad copy, should be put on the image, thus avoiding all spam text filters. We always place text in your email header so, even if your image gets blocked, your text will still attract real buyers to click on and thru.

After your assigned expert has edited your Ad. It is sent, prior to blasting 10,000 or more recipients, to your own provided email address for approval. You will be in direct email contact, with your expert, through your entire Ad creation process. We have determined a test volume of 10,000, being a bare minimum required valued test amount, to provide any real Ad pulling data.

A large benefit of email advertising is not only the sales, but an increase in search engine rankings SEO ( google, altavista, bing etc.) to a website, due to an increase in visitor traffic. If your email Ad is to a website for a purchase, you must put Google Webmaster Tools Tracking Click Here For Information on your landing page ( usually your home page ) so you can monitor-track the results of your email advertising with us, if you have not already done so ( most already have ) for your site.

Tracking provides visitor increases, within three full days of the Ad running, not the sales increase. This way you can determine, not if 5% of your visitors purchase, but whether the Ad really pulls visitors, or should be modified, prior to another bulk mailing campaign.

NOTE: 2 % is great, but a 5 % or more, of email Ad recipients visiting your site is considered excellent. EXAMPLE: 5% of 10,000 ($30 total cost) is 500. $30/500 = 6 cents each. This is cheap compared to google Ad words, that any good search word, cost at least 10 cents each, with only a poor quality, 10 word Ad (no image) to click on. Not everyone opens there mailbox every day, so email Ads keep providing visitors, typically most within a week. But the first 3 days are what the 2%-5% plus research is really based on.

An email click thru, means your recipient has read the email and went to your site, hence more likely to spend much more time, also reading your sites information. This is great for SEO, since it shows visitors spend more time on your site, thus improving search engine scores, being then considered, a visitor information worthwhile site. If visitors click on and off your site in 2 seconds, for example, it tells google and the others, your site is not worth visiting! Thus scores much lower in rankings.

Do understand, the landing page of your website is what really sells the product and the email Ad is to get interested visitors there, not try to completely sell them, with only an email. Make sure your landing page closes the sale.

Consider this, would you rather have an Ad that brings you paying customers or one that just looks pretty? We want you to have effective advertising, not ego boosting, zero revenue types. Old slogan "An ugly sign that brings me customers is worth a thousand times more than an artist conception which no one can read". Remember, of course we want you to succeed, otherwise we loose your business.

Obviously if your Ad mailing is productive you will want to increase its volume. If not, let us try a different Ad approach, until you get a real winner, then run it hard. With only a $30 maximum risk per Ad test why not? NOTE: If you get a great traffic increase, but poor sales, it indicates the landing sales page is the problem, not the email Ad.

Even if your very first Ad pulls visitors very well, it is always best having several productive backup Ads to run and rotate at different times throughout the year ( holidays etc.). Four being the most common minimum amount our experts suggest.

Please do not get upset, when an Ad expert suggests something about your Ad or landing page, remember he wants you to succeed.

Yes, we will keep a copy of all your sent Ads and the list of recipients, actually emailed on each campaign. You will get a report, with sending statistics, on every campaign sent. We will not send to same group of recipients unless you desire so. It will always be a new group on every mailing. This way you do not over send to same recipients unless your Ads are quite a bit different. Otherwise, we do not recommend sending to same recipients, without at least a 3 month gap between emailing's, to prevent likely spam complaints.

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